Quick Relief After Throwing Your Lower Back Pain Out

 What Does A Straw Have to Do with Throwing Out Your Back?

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

As you can see I’ve attached a picture of a straw to this letter to explain how you can get quick relief after throwing your back out, here’s why I’ve done this…

For ten years, Jesse Cannone over at The Healthy Back Institute has spent a great deal of time working with, connecting and listening to his patients.  I mean really listening. There is one phrase he hears daily, over and over and over again, almost like a mantra.

One phrase is repeated daily, over and over and over, almost like a meditation mantra.

One day, he counted and said that he heard this phrase 14 times.

He’s so tired of hearing this phrase that he’s decided to give away his 7-DAY BACK PAIN CURE BOOK for FREE just to get people to stop saying it.  More about that in a minute…

Any guess what the phrase is?

Heck, who has time to guess, I’ll tell you, the phrase is…

“All I Did Was”

“All  I did was… bend over to pick up my baby”

“All  I did was… get out of my car”

“All  I did was… rake leaves”

“All  I did was… put my golf clubs in the car”

Maybe, sometime in your life you said to someone… “All I did was”… when you first noticed your back pain.

Truth is, after you say, “All I did was“… you are explaining the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your final action before your back “went out”.

Your back doesn’t care if you are young, old, athletic, pathetic, skinny, obese, the straw doesn’t care either.

What’s the fix?

On this, we’re a broken record, here goes…

Find the tight area(s) and gently stretch them, find the weak areas and gradually strengthen them, use ice if it’s inflamed or swollen.

This may all sound too complicated sooooo…

I have a really amazing free resource that I want to share with you today.  Earlier I mentioned that Jesse was giving away his 7-DAY BACK PAIN CURE BOOK for FREE!

I just finished reading the book and I think it is one of the most important books that I have ever read about living pain free.

The principles in this book are so simple and yet so critical to understand to make sure that you live your life without back pain, neck pain or any other type of physical pain.

The book is called “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” and like I mentioned before Jesse is actually giving it away right now for FREE for a limited time.

You can get your free copy by clicking on the image of the book or the link below:

Free 7-Day Back Pain Cure Book

Click Here to Get Your Free Copy

I’ve actually known of Jesse for a long time because he’s known as the “back pain relief guy” but I’m kicking myself in the butt for not having read his book sooner.

I would have never expected a back pain guy to have such a thorough understanding of the mind body connection the way that Jesse does.

Jesse really breaks down all of the reasons for how back pain is caused, what all the “typical” options are for treating it, and tells you exactly how to eliminate any existing back pain you may have and how to prevent any future back pain.

I personally don’t have back pain any more but I’m glad I read this book because it gave me a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t previously have on how to avoid it.  🙂

Jesse is also going to donate $1 to your choice of charity; either Habitat for Humanity or Kiva.org when you pick up a book today (even though he’s giving you the book for free).

Here’s the link again to get your copy:

Click Here to Get Your Free Copy

Enjoy the book and let me know what you think of it when you’re done (which will likely be in a few days if you’re like me and can’t put it down).  🙂



P.S. – If you’re curious to know why Jesse is giving away his book make sure to watch the video on this page:

Back Pain Cure Video

Watch the Video Now

P.P.S. Remember, when you hear anyone say… “All I Did Was” tell them about the straw and have them get their 7-DAY BACK PAIN CURE BOOK for FREE!


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