Eliminating Upper Back and Neck Pain with Good Posture

“Stand up/Sit up Straight!”  Many of us have heard that comment at one time or another in our lifetime.  Believe it or not it is great advice.  An increased amount of stress is placed on the neck and upper back region when sitting or standing with the wrong posture.  Some examples include…slumping shoulders forward due to bad habits, changes in eyesight, compensation from pain after shoulder surgery and most likely because of tightness in the surrounding support muscles.

Such examples cause the shoulder blades to tilt forward.  As the shoulder blades tilt forward, the natural curve of the neck is compromised. Essentially, that the neck and upper back segments are moved out of their normal position and are unable to support the weight of the head.  The adult human head weighs about 10-13 pounds and if the curve of the neck is changed, the neck can’t properly support the weight.

Several recommendations for relieving your upper back and neck pain might include:

  • Stretching of the pecs and biceps muscles
  • Strengthening the posterior scapular muscles

Both of these recommendation can be key in helping you reduce your neck and upper back pain.  They will help you balance the tension placed on the neck and upper spine.  Once balance is attained, your posture will be easier to maintain in the right position because your muscles will be both strong and flexible.

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