How Sleeping Can Assist with Lower Back Pain Relief

The position you choose to sleep in can make the difference between waking up pain free or painful.  The most recommended position for sleeping to avoid lower back pain is on your back.  Sleeping on your back helps to ensure that all of your joints are in a neutral position which allows muscles and the body to relax.

Raising your legs up by placing pillows or supports under your thighs can be beneficial because it helps to place the pelvis in a neutral position and it helps with blood circulation back to the heart.  If you need to, place a pillow along your sides to ensure that you do not roll onto your side or onto your stomach.

Sleeping on your side is also okay, but many things can happen while sleeping that can cause or irritate your lower back pain.  One of the main things that people do when sleeping on their sides is to move the top leg into a fetal-like position.  That creates a big stretch in the gluts and hip region and causes tightness to occur in other muscle groups.  Upon waking the gluts and the hip area will be weaker because they were stretched out for hours while sleeping causing an unbalance and creating additional pain.

If you are to sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees and ankles to keep the knees, hips and ankle on the same level.  This will help reduce the chance that you will move your top leg up to a fetal position.

The least recommended position for sleeping is stomach sleeping.  Stomach sleeping forces you to turn your head to one side for long periods of time.  When that happens, the muscles of the spine and neck are thrown out of balance and will eventually lead to back and possible neck pain.

Before you go to be tonight, please remember the basic to sleeping as they relate to back pain outlined in this article.

You can also visit http://youtube/stopsbackpainnow for videos demonstrating the methods outlined in this article as well as other helpful information on back pain relief.

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  1. Garth says:

    I had trouble with my back when I would wake up from a night sleeping on my stomach. My doctor told me to try to sleep on my side or my back. Every time I started on my back or side I would roll to the stomach. So one night I used me wife’s body pillow from her pregnancy and I was able to stay on my side and wake up with no pains.

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