Lower Back Pain Relief Tips While Sitting

Sitting is an essential daily function that plays a major role in back pain relief.  For most people, their sitting position as, it relates to the lower back pain never crosses their mind.  It is essential that you gain a better understanding how your habitual sitting positions are can contribute to lower back pain relief.           

Sitting in the wrong type of position, wrong type of surface or for too long may be the reason why you are experiencing lower back pain.  Sitting with your feet dangling, back reclined too far, too much lumbar support, not enough lumbar support, chair too low are many reasons why people have lower back pain.  If your job requires you to sit for many hours, choosing the right chair and position you will be in is vital to your lower back health.

Choosing the type of surface you are going to sit on is important.  If you are going to sit for hours watching a movie, paying bills or even reading a book, sitting on a low couch with little support is disaster waiting to happen.  If you are going to be sitting somewhere for hours at a time, make sure you have adequate support for your lower back and legs.

The amount of time you spend sitting each day may be the main reason why you experience or continue to experience lower back pain.  Every 60-90 minutes, you should be getting up from your chair, moving around and stretching to ensure that your leg muscles are not shortening and creating undue stress on the lower back.  Simple 40 second stretches for the lower legs and getting up every 60 minutes will help to reduce and possible eliminate all of your lower back symptoms.

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  1. It is important to take care of your back and neck since back pain can make your life intolerable. Since back pain can completely interrupt your life, prevention is key. maintaining good posture and setting up your work station with good ergonomics as well as strengthening your back through exercise are all excellent ways to prevent back pain.

  2. Denis says:

    Good info about lower back pain relief 🙂

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  5. I had the Medtronics stimulator implanted twice (the first time the surgeon put the battery on a horizontal plane and it would not charge) and am now awaiting removal of the unit and spinal paddle. This product did not work for me and has been incredibly aggravating. Despite repeated attempts, the unit could not be programmed to provide any level of relief and generally just caused stimulation to my bladder, resulting in feeling as if I had to urinate constantly. VERY ANNOYING! Unable to use it to any benefit, the battery died and now all must be removed because the hard battery in my hip leaves the area feeling constantly bruised and sore. This was such a waste of time, money and was very painful. I can’t wait to have it removed! I had torn lumber disks following an accident and had fusion surgery (posterior/anterior) and accepted the stimulator in an attempt to get off of opiate pain medication. I try to get by with a fentanyl patch and low dose percocet, along with naproxen and lidocaine patches but most days I am on a heating pad in bed all day. All of this has given me terrible depression to the point that I may only leave the house once a week for groceries. There must be help for people in my situation but the stimulator implant wasn’t it in my case. Everyone is different and I wish the best of luck on those who try the implant surgery. Be aware that if you undergo a “trial” there is often a false sense of improvement which may be based on wishful thinking or other factors. It’s very hard to tell if the unit is actually helping during a trial or if it could be due to the increased pain medication to negate the trial surgery or whatever. I heard tales from the surgeon’s assistants that they had older patients who often reported improved stimulation when in fact the techs were not changing or activating the device at the time, unbeknownst to the patient! So, do try to really evaluate the results. In my case, having the stim implant was a little lilke having a leash on all the time in that I had to be sure to keep the controller with me, keep it charged, and had to wear the battery charger (awkward and uncomfortable) often to keep the internal battery charged, especially when needing a high level of stimulation. Best of luck but I’d give anything to have my life back before my accident! Surgery has not helped me and I feel I have no life now. I’m only 50. Thank goodness for insurance as none of these procedures are cheap!

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