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Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

I get asked all the time how exercises improve lower back pain. When the correct exercises are chosen for the given lower back problem, those muscles that are exercised can create and enhance stability to the spine. The correct exercises can strengthen the muscles that surround the spine. Muscles need strength, endurance and flexibility.
Lower back pain can come from weakness of muscles, lack of endurance of a muscle or because a muscle group is too tight. When those muscles that support the spine are weak, like the glut medius, they begin to pull on the back and pelvis area initiating lower back pain. Another example would be if the abdominals does not provide sufficient support and endurance for the spine, lower back pain usually occurs.

The spine is like a pulley system. When there is not a balance between the muscles on either side of the spine, pain and weakness occurs. That is why it is essential to know what muscle groups you are strengthening.

Caution should be used while performing strengthening exercises.  If you fail to perform the correct strengthening exercises to relieve your lower back pain, is possible you may be making your situation worse.